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Doggie Doo Drain

The Doggie Doo Drain was one of the top ten rated inventions in the pet industry for 2009. The Doggie Doo Drain became popular becuase of its enviormentally friends design and ease of use. Below is a quick video of the Doggie Doo Drain on how it works.

The Doggie Doo Drain can be found online anywhere from $39.99 on up. However if you live in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota area you can get the Doggie Doo Drain for free by visiting Minneapolis Pooper Scooper.


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Pet Waste Management is Launched

Pet Waste Management has just launched “Pooper Scooper” services in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.  To celebrate we are giving away the revoloutionary Doggie Doo Drain, which is the greenest form of dog waste disposal out there.  For more information on how to get the Doggie Doo Drain for free visit the Twin Cities Pooper Scooper  website.

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Minneapolis Pet Waste Management Dog

Bubba, the Pet Waste Management Dog say "Pick up your dogs poo".

Pet Waste Management

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