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Besides the unpleasant sights and smell of dog poop, it is also a hazard to the environment if left to “decompose”. Decompose time of dog poop can actually take over a year, so waiting for it to decompose really is not an option.

Dog feces has been known to shut down beaches at some of the most popular beaches in Minneapolis, such as the beaches at Harriet Lake and Lake Calhoun. When it rains or the snow begins to melt the water and whatever is in its way drains into our water system. When dog waste is in the way, the water can carry many of the parasites contained within dog poop into our lakes. These parasites in turn can cause bacteria levels in our lakes to rise, making them unsafe to swim in.

Besides being dangerous to our environment, accidental contact with dog poop can cause organ failure, blindness and even death. Amebic dysentery, hookworms, nematodes, pinworms, protozoa, roundworms and Tapeworms are just a few examples of harmful parasites contained within dog poop that can harm humans. Accidental contact with these parasites can spread throughout the body and end up in an unwanted hospital visit.

To help reduce the risk of shutting down our beaches or catching an unwanted disease is simply to pick up after your pet. However, for some of us it may be difficult to consistently dispose of dog waste. Whether you have back problems, a busy schedule or just can’t stand the sights and smells of dog poop, there are companies out there willing to take this choir up for you.

Dog Waste Management is a locally owned and operated Minneapolis Pooper Scooper service that has many programs available to help you keep up with your pet waste removal needs. Whether it is a onetime pick up during the spring, a weekly or even twice a week stop our services are unmatched and are guaranteed to keep your yard poop and disease free.


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Bubba, the Pet Waste Management Dog say "Pick up your dogs poo".

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