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Doggie Doo Drain

The Doggie Doo Drain was one of the top ten rated inventions in the pet industry for 2009. The Doggie Doo Drain became popular becuase of its enviormentally friends design and ease of use. Below is a quick video of the Doggie Doo Drain on how it works.

The Doggie Doo Drain can be found online anywhere from $39.99 on up. However if you live in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Minnesota area you can get the Doggie Doo Drain for free by visiting Minneapolis Pooper Scooper.


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Dog Poop Fact #2

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. When infected dog poop comes into contact with your lawn, the poop will eventually “disappear”, but the parasite eggs can linger for years! When a human or animal comes into contact with that soil through everyday activities like walking barefoot, gardening or playing, they risk infection from those eggs … even years after the poop is gone.

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Dog Poop Fact Of The Day

Nearly two decades ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.

When pet waste is improperly disposed of, it can be picked up by stormwater runoff and washed into stormdrains or nearby waterbodies. Since stormdrains do not always connect to treatment facilities, untreated animal feces often end up in lakes and streams, causing significant water pollution.

Decaying pet waste consumes oxygen and sometimes releases ammonia. Low oxygen levels and ammonia can damage the health of fish and other aquatic life. Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can threaten the health of humans and wildlife. Pet waste also contains nutrients that promote weed and algae growth (eutrophication). Cloudy and green, Eutrophic water makes swimming and recreation unappealing or even unhealthy.

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Potty Trained Dog

This is amazing! Im sure every dog owner would want their dog use the bathroom rather than picking it up out of the back yard.

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Pet Waste Management is Launched

Pet Waste Management has just launched “Pooper Scooper” services in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.  To celebrate we are giving away the revoloutionary Doggie Doo Drain, which is the greenest form of dog waste disposal out there.  For more information on how to get the Doggie Doo Drain for free visit the Twin Cities Pooper Scooper  website.

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Minneapolis Pet Waste Management Dog

Bubba, the Pet Waste Management Dog say "Pick up your dogs poo".

Pet Waste Management

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